Our mission

Connect the unconnected

To bring highly reliable critical infrastructure to organizations and communities by expertly navigating complex environments.

We provide strategic advisory services to solve complex problems surrounding critical infrastructure across the world, creating opportunities where there hasn't been before.

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Who We Are

Assured Communications Advisors is strategic advisory firm with a network of subject matter experts focused on delivering results.

ocean fiber
why us?

High stakes. High reliability.

With over 40 years of experiencing designing, building, constructing, and managing  some of the most complex telecom projects of our time - from the FiOs network to Marine One - you can stand assured that whatever the approach, we'll find a way to get it done.

our leadership team

Mission Driven, Mission Focused

Each with over 35 years of experience, our leadership team leverages their depth of knowledge to create solutions for our clients.

Joel Ogren
Chief Executive Officer
Joel Ogren
Tom Doherty
Chief Operating Officer
Tom Doherty