Boden, Sweden

Boden, Sweden

Strategic Advisory
Project Management

A client was interested in creating a Cable Landing Station near the coastal city of Lulea, Sweden to connect to other entry points across Europe.

Scope of Work:

Assured Communications (ASSURED) was tasked with a feasibility study to understand the potential of landing a subsea cable in Lulea.


While completing the study, ASSURED was approached by a client who was interested in the feasibility of a Satellite Ground Entry Point (GEP) in the same geographical area.  As a result, the development of a satellite solution for connectivity would prove to be the near-term requirement providing benefit to the region. Boden, Sweden was identified as a potential ground entry point (GEP) for satellite services because of its geolocation and ability to receive the greatest number of satellites within the specified orbit.

Working with the client, ASSURED identified a potential site, surveyed for a satellite farm, and acquired the 14-acre site.  Construction, spectrum licensing, and regulatory are underway and have signed the first two foundational customers at the site.

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