Sue Hageman

Sue Hageman

Executive Director, Sales

Sue brings 30+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry, focused primarily with regional and national facility-based carriers.  She has a strong background and focus in sales, marketing, business development, network expansion, account, and sales development, along with working with her vast array of clients to bring the fiber into the various buildings or data centers throughout the region.

Sue’s longstanding career with facility-based carriers started in 1990, but in 1993 she joined MFS, where her industry experience and knowledge flourished.  After working with MFS, which was acquired by WorldCom, she went to Looking Glass Networks.  There she sold some of the largest dark fiber networks for the company.  After the acquisition of Looking Glass by Level3, she left and went to FiberGate.  Her tenure at FiberGate had the largest impact for a small, regional dark fiber provider.  Her variety and volume of sales more than doubled the network miles and tripled the volume of buildings added over the five short years.

Sue took a government focus company and diversified the account base to include a balance of carriers, large enterprise companies, all while continuing to expand the government footprint.  With all the expansion of the fiber footprint, customers and buildings, the annualized revenue was grown over 400%, at the time of Zayo’s acquisition.  Her executive level roles were recognized with other facility-based carriers where she then partnered with two other industry leaders to start Tenebris Fiber.  Sue is bringing her wealth of knowledge to ASSURED to compliment the critical network needs for facility-based fiber for subsea cable networks to terrestrial networks footprints.

Sue lives in Northern VA and in her spare time she is golfing or enjoying life on the Chesapeake Bay.